Monday, March 16, 2009

California Arrest Leads to Personal Injury Settlement

When Long Beach resident Karla Goodrow was arrested for public drunkenness at a July 21, 2006 house party, she was confident in her ability to beat the charges – the architectural design student had not consumed any alcohol on the night in question.

However, in a scuffle that preceded her arrest, Goodrow’s then-boyfriend Anthony Goodrow had his jaw broken by police when he tried to prevent her detainment. Video taken at the party show officers congratulating one another with high-fives as Anthony Goodrow writhes on the ground, bleeding and in obvious pain.

The incident kicked off a string of questionable and unethical actions on the part of area police, including bogus charges filed against both Goodrows. Although the criminal charges were later dismissed at trial, the Goodrows reported that they feared police persecution and continued to feel traumatized long after the incident. The City of Hawthorne issued the couple a $1 million settlement in the case.

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