Tuesday, May 19, 2009

$6 Million Judgment in Tennessee Brain Injury Case

A jury in Hamilton County, Tennessee has found local gastroenterologist Michael Goodman to be 51% at fault in the erroneous medical treatment that led plaintiff Kristen Freeman to be afflicted with permanent brain damage.

33-year-old Freeman consulted with Dr. Goodman to get to the bottom of the ongoing bowel and GI problems she had experienced for some time. However, the diagnostic procedures that Goodman performed set off a chain of adverse reactions that ended in Ms. Freeman experiencing significant brain damage. Today, Ms. Freeman can no longer care for herself and requires 24-hour assistance.

The endoscopy and colonoscopy that Dr. Goodman and his staff performed caused a rupture in Ms. Freeman’s small intestine. Within hours after the procedure, Ms. Freeman was vomiting and in severe pain. However, when the patient called the doctor’s office to ask about her options, she was given an anti-nausea prescription, but was not advised to seek emergency care. The next day, she suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and developed severe brain damage.

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