Monday, November 23, 2009

Woman Widowed in Hudson River Helicopter Crash Files Lawsuit

In August 2009, a collision between a small airplane and a helicopter over the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey resulted in nine deaths. Among the fatalities was 43-year-old pilot Steven Altman.

Recently, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed on Altman’s behalf by his widow, Pamela Altman. Parties named in the case, which seeks over $1 million in damages, include the manufacturers of both crafts and the tour company that was involved in planning flights in the area. The suit alleges that American Eurocopter failed to install adequate safety devices in its aircraft, and that the tour company Liberty Helicopters had a poor safety record and failed to adhere to best practices in air traffic control and oversight. Altman also has plans to file suit against the FAA and its air traffic control employees, several of whom were engaged in personal phone calls and off-site errands at the time the crash occurred.

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