Monday, December 28, 2009

Actor James Woods Reaches Settlement with Hospital in Brother’s Wrongful Death Case

James Woods, the actor known for his portrayals of unsavory characters in movies like Nixon and Casino, and more recently, the television legal drama Shark, has reached a settlement with a Rhode Island hospital over the death of Woods’ brother, Michael.

In 2006, Michael Woods was admitted to the Kent Hospital emergency department with complaints of vomiting and a sore throat. However, soon afterwards, Woods suffered a heart attack and died.

The wrongful death suit brought against the hospital and attending physicians by Woods’ family members claimed that medical personnel did not do enough to help the ailing patient. However, the parties were eventually able to reach a settlement, including a provision that requires the hospital to open a research institute named after Woods’ brother and dedicated to researching – and helping to reduce – human errors in health care.

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