Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boston’s “Big Dig” at Center of Another Lawsuit

The “Big Dig” is a massive public works project in Boston that rerouted one of the city’s major traffic arteries to a 3.5-mile underground tunnel. Since its inception, the project has been plagued by quality concerns and safety issues. The latest round of claims centers on the handrails that line an above-ground thoroughfare that is part of the project. In recent years, seven motorists have died in fatal crashes that have involved the pedestrian railings, including an on-duty motorcycle cop, State Trooper Vincent Cila.

In many of the incidents, the guardrails have been linked to disproportionately severe injuries, including dismemberment. Now, a lawsuit filed by Cila’s widow claims that the design of the rails is defective and may pose an inherent risk to drivers. A final determination is still pending in the case.

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