Monday, June 28, 2010

Accused Shoplifter’s Strangulation Leads to Wrongful Death Claim Against CVS

An attempted shoplifting ended in tragedy in Chicago, according to a wrongful death claim filed by the victim’s father. Antony Kyser, 34, was believed to be attempting to steal an unnamed item or items from a CVS drugstore when he was apprehended by a store manager in a nearby alleyway. The manager tackled Kyser and applied a chokehold, apparently in an attempt to subdue the suspect. Bystanders said that Kyser repeatedly yelled out that he couldn’t breathe, and an off-duty representative of the county sheriff’s office watched with her gun drawn as the struggle played out, but failed to intervene. Kyser was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital later that morning.

The suit filed by Kyser’s father seeks more than $400,000 in damages from the CVS store and the manager who carried out the attack.

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