Monday, July 26, 2010

$2.4 Million Settlement Awarded in San Jose Bicycling Fatality

54-year-old Deborah Johnson was enjoying a pleasant bicycle ride with a friend when tragedy struck. Johnson collided with a raised lane divider that had become separated from its top section and fell from her bike, striking her head. Despite being rushed to the trauma center at Stanford University, Johnson never recovered from the injury and died two days later.

According to Johnson’s husband, the divider had been left behind after workers had completed construction on the road where the accident occurred. However, the divider is named as a safety hazard to bicyclists in the federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and a similar warning is posted in California’s state version of the same document. Gerrity recently received a $2.4 million settlement in the case, and has spent much of the time since his wife’s death speaking out on issues of bicyclist safety.

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