Monday, April 20, 2009

Model and Entertainer Settles Personal Injury Suit Against Martha Stewart Brand

Multi-talented Illinois resident Patrick Albanese wasn’t planning on severely hampering his career prospects and earning capacity when he unfolded a lounge chair on his backyard deck in June 2008, but instead of sinking into relaxation, the magician, actor, banjo player, and hand model severed a piece of his right index finger. The chaise lounge, part of the Martha Stewart brand sold in K-Mart stores (a Sears subsidiary), collapsed unexpectedly, lopping off the tip Albanese’s finger – and harming his livelihood in the process. Albanese’s suit against the company claimed that design flaws made the chair unsafe. The case was recently settled for an undisclosed amount, but court records show that similar personal injury claims related to the product have been brought against the company in other states.

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