Monday, April 20, 2009

Ohio Women Claims Zinc Poisoning in Suit Against Fixodent

Longtime denture-wearer Sherry Mosley turned to the popular over-the-counter product Fixodent to help secure her artificial teeth and eliminate some of the quality of life problems that are commonly associated with denture use, such as slippage, self-consciousness, and eating difficulties. However, over a number of years, Mosley noticed that several troubling symptoms began to occur when she used the product, such as dizziness, lethargy, paralysis, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and generalized pain. By the time that the problem was diagnosed as zinc toxicity, Mosley’s body had compensated by decreasing its copper levels, a deficiency that resulted in irreversible neurological damage. The high levels of zinc used as bonding agents in products like Fixodent have come under fire in recent years, prompting a growing number of lawsuits like Mosley’s.

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