Friday, February 20, 2009

Malpractice, Wrongful Death Claims Filed Against Oklahoma Surgeon

In 2006, Oklahoma City neurosurgeon Paul Francel garnered worldwide attention when the risky brain surgery he performed on a Russian teen that had a large cancerous tumor on the brain stem left the patient brain dead. Months later, the patient died after having remained in a coma for some time.

The parents of patient David Kurbanov have filed multiple complaints against Francel, claiming that the standard of care provided by the surgeon did not reflect current medical practice guidelines. Shortly after the surgery, the Kurbanov family began expressing doubts about the medical team that had performed the operation. Although the outcome of the surgery did not go as smoothly as planned, Francel and his staff continued to pursue national and international media coverage in the case.

Since the time of David Kurbanov’s death, half a dozen malpractice and personal injury claims have been filed against Francel in other cases. The state licensure board also has an investigation underway.

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