Friday, February 20, 2009

Tainted Peanut Case Prompts Wave of Personal Injury Claims

The case of questionable food safety practices at the nation’s largest peanut processing facility has made headlines in recent weeks. At the current juncture, more than 630 cases of salmonella-related illness have been linked to the Blakely, Georgia plant, and it is suspected that as many as nine deaths may have been caused by the company’s products.

It was recently announced that parent company Peanut Corporation of America has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The news came in the wake of at least a dozen personal injury suits that have already been filed, with dozens more expected in the weeks and months ahead.

Even if Peanut Corp.’s assets are liquidated in bankruptcy, legal experts say that civil litigants can still be compensated for their damages. One option that claimants may pursue is naming other companies who used the tainted peanuts in their products, including Kellogg’s and several other well-known brands.

Although various investigations are still underway in the case, there are early indications that managers at the plant deliberately overlooked signs of contamination and poor conditions at the manufacturing facility. In court, these actions could come into play as proof of malfeasance and negligence.

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