Friday, February 20, 2009

Trooper’s Suit Alleges TASER Demonstration Bent Surgical Screw

When Massachusetts state trooper James Foley agreed to participate in a demonstration of a TASER electroshock weapon at a 2006 training seminar, he had no inkling that the less-than-lethal weapon would leave him with debilitating pain. Due to a previous injury, Foley had a significant amount of surgical hardware affixed to his left leg. The moment that workshop personnel applied the tasers to his body, Foley felt pain shoot through his leg.

It was later determined that the force of the shock caused a surgical screw to bend so sharply that Foley’s femur was fractured. Although Foley has since returned to active duty on the force, he works in a diminished capacity, and his injury suit claims a number of personal and professional losses that have negatively impacted his earning power and quality of life.

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