Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chicago-Area Plane Crash Yields $15 Million Settlement

Illinois restaurant owner Michael Waugh and three business executives were killed in a small-plane accident at the Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, Illinois in January 2006. As the twin-engine Cessna made its approach to the runway, it veered suddenly off course, crashing into a storage yard adjacent to the airport grounds. The wrongful death suit filed on behalf of Waugh’s widow and his three young sons alleged that financial powerhouse Morgan Stanley held some measure of responsibility in the crash, as it had a policy of allowing its employees to fly personal planes to business meetings and other events.

In addition, the suit named Morgan Stanley senior vice president Mark Turek, who piloted the plane, as being negligent in the crash. The judge who approved the recent $15 million settlement awarded $6 million to Mrs. Waugh, with the remainder being divided among the couple’s three sons.

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