Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oregon Police Car Crash Yields $500,000 Settlement

Late one night in February 2007, Beaverton, Oregon resident Jean Marie Howell was trying to cross a busy highway intersection on foot when she was struck by a city police car that experts estimate was traveling at a speed in excess of 40 MPH. Upon impact, Howell was thrown onto the hood of the police car, striking the windshield and finally landing on the pavement. She suffered numerous injuries as a result of the crash, including a head injury, internal bleeding, and multiple fractures.

Although there was some controversy over Howell’s culpability in the accident, the judge in the case ultimately determined that the police officer had been negligent and had borne 50% of the responsibility for the crash. The original settlement figure was reduced to $507,500 to reflect Howell’s shared responsibility for the accident.

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