Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Couple Awarded $18 Million in Missouri Big Rig Crash

A Missouri judge found that a driver for Holmes Transport, Inc. displayed negligence that resulted in the crash that injured 14 and killed three.

Investigators reported that truck driver Jeffrey D. Knight became distracted in the moments before the collision, taking his eyes off the road when reaching for a ringing mobile phone. It was also found that Knight was operating his truck in violation of several safety rules, such as having exceed the maximum driving hours over the preceding week.

One of the other drivers who was injured in the crash was 53-year-old Mark Tiburzi, whose injuries now require round-the-clock care in a residential nursing facility. A judge recently awarded $4.2 million to Tiburzi’s wife Cheryl and $13.8 million to Tiburzi, himself.

Several other personal injury and wrongful death suits are pending in the case.

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