Monday, May 17, 2010

Fatal St. Louis Crash Results in $2.25 Million Settlement

In 2009, off-duty police officer Christine Miller went out for a night of entertainment but wound up making an error in judgment that would change her life – and end the lives of four others. After drinking what witnesses described as a large quantity of alcoholic beverages at local eatery O’Leary’s Restaurant, Miller took to the road, driving her vehicle on the wrong side of the highway. Soon afterward, she was involved in a collision with a car carrying a group of Indian graduate students, four of whom did not survive the wreck.

In addition to the civil charges filed against Miller, the wrongful death suits filed by the victims’ families blamed the restaurant for continuing to serve Miller despite her obvious intoxication and for failing to intervene when she expressed her intention to leave. A total of $2.255 million was awarded to the victims’ families in the case.

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