Monday, May 3, 2010

Undiagnosed Blood Clot Leads to $2 Million Settlement for Pennsylvania Woman

71-year-old Pauline Raffaele of Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania entered a local hospital in 2005 to undergo knee replacement surgery after advancing arthritis had limited her mobility and caused her years of chronic pain. However, soon after surgery, Raffaele began experiencing numbness in her lower left leg and reported to doctors that she couldn't feel or use the limb. Soon afterwards, it was found that an existing blood clot had been exacerbated by the knee-replacement surgery and was beyond repair. Raffaele underwent an emergency amputation procedure soon afterwards, losing most of her lower left leg.

The doctor, an attending nurse, and the facility were all named in the resulting suit. After a jury trial, Raffaele was awarded $2 million.

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