Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Jersey Family Awarded $18.5 Million in Birth Injury Lawsuit

The life of young Darius Morgan, now 12, has been beset by tragedy. During his birth, complications arose that caused the newborn to be deprived of oxygen, resulting in cerebral palsy. Then, in 2004, Darius’ mother died of an unrelated terminal illness. After a transfer of legal guardianship process that took more than three years to complete, Darius was adopted by an aunt, Darlene Kim, who also chose to move forward with litigation the boy’s mother had initiated against the Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey, which had overseen the C-section delivery procedure.

The suit claimed that the emergency C-section was unnecessarily delayed, and that this prolonged process was likely the direct cause of the brain damage that resulted in Darius later being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After hearing arguments from both sides, the jury returned with a verdict for the plaintiff and an award of $18.5 million for the family, most of which will be dedicated to paying for Darius’ round-the-clock medical care.

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