Friday, December 3, 2010

City of Philadelphia Sued by Owner of Capsized Duck Boat

The squat appearance of the duck-shaped boats that give waterway tours in many American cities may be humorous, but the tragic turn of events that befell a vessel carrying 35 tourists in a Pennsylvania river in July 2010 was anything but funny. On that summer afternoon, a “duck boat” showing passengers around Philadelphia’s Delaware River lost power and stalled. After making several distress calls and warning other boats in the area that it was stranded in the middle of the waterway, the boat was struck by a 250-foot barge. The impact threw all of the duck boat’s passengers into the water; two Hungarian tourists were killed in the crash and many passengers, as well as the captain, suffered serious injuries. The City of Philadelphia has failed to issue a comment on the pending lawsuits stemming from the incident.

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