Friday, December 31, 2010

Florida Wrongful Death Suit Blames Comcast for 81-Year-Old Woman’s Demise

Boynton Beach resident Sidell Reiner was setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner in 2009 when she accidentally dropped a wine glass on her foot. The injury began to bleed heavily and Reiner, who was alone in her home at the time, dialed ‘0’ for operator assistance. However, the Comcast operator who responded to Reiner’s request was unable to provide the correct address to 911 dispatchers in the area, despite the fact that Comcast was the Reiner’s home phone service provider. Although Reiner repeatedly called back for help, a full 17 minutes elapsed before first responders arrived at the scene. Because of her injury, Reiner could not answer the door, and the rescuers left the premises without attempting to enter the residence. When Sidell Reiner’s husband arrived home with the relatives he had picked up from the airport, they found Sidell dead in a pool of her own blood.

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