Friday, December 10, 2010

Maryland Lead Paint Lawsuit Ends With $21.9 Million Award

Many people born into impoverished families are able to overcome the disadvantages imposed by their socioeconomic background and break free from the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, the tragic circumstances into which 23-year-old Marie Carter was born left her unable to strive for a more beneficial life outcome. After spending her infancy and early childhood in Baltimore housing projects that were riddled with lead paint and other environmental toxins, Carter suffered from development disabilities, including a very low I.Q. In the lawsuit she filed against the city of Baltimore, Carter’s legal team was able to establish that she had had elevated lead levels as a child and that she had frequently been witnessed eating lead paint chips. Carter received a jury award of more than $20 million in the case, although part of that award may be reduced according to provisions set forth in Maryland law.

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