Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed after Pharmacy Mix-Up

Expectant mother Chanda Givens was doing everything she could to ensure that her pregnancy was a healthy one. She adhered closely to the regimen of prenatal vitamins prescribed by her obstetrician. There was just one problem – a local Walgreen’s pharmacy had mistakenly filled her prescription with a strong chemotherapy drug used to treat Hodgkin’s disease. Givens’ pregnancy ended in miscarriage, but she continued to take the pills she thought were prenatal vitamins in hopes that she would soon conceive again. It was only after she called to have her prescription refilled that the mistake was discovered. Medical experts believe that the medicine not only caused the miscarriage, but also may negatively impact Givens’ ability to become pregnant again in the future. A court date has not yet been set in the case filed by the Givens family.

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